Mahjong Free Games

Mahjong Game is a 3D Arcadium classic game of matching many of the same symbol tiles in 350 seconds to get maximum points.


Mahjong Free Games is a 3D game that consists of many complex puzzle levels where you only need to match the blocks within a specific time period. Players can score bonus points if they combine the right pairs. Tiles are located on the edges of the cube and match the same blocks when deleting them. This strategic game helps you develop skills and solve the typical puzzle levels.

This puzzle game is a type of race against the clock, and to win it, you need to match the tiles quickly. There are different symbols on each tile that you need to match to achieve high scores with your speed.

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How to Play Mahjong?

To Play Mahjong, Follow the steps:

  1. In Mahjong Games, match the tiles of the same symbol for a limited time.
  2. The player only has 350 seconds to match the maximum number of tiles and solve the puzzle.
  3. Check for the matching tile symbol placed at the outer border or edge of the cubes.
  4. Players win Mahjong when they combine all pairs within a specific time period.